10 dezembro 2018 Inspiracional

Cat Transit System: Architects Create Transit System for Cats in Offices

Working with your pet, especially if it is feline, can be a lot of fun, but it is not always easy. Cats like little obvious spaces and circulate throughout the environment. Also, they only park where they really sit comfortable. Whether it’s on a desk, or other quirky places. That’s why the California-based architecture studio, Because We Can, based in Oakland, developed the Cat Transit System. Did you know that 43% of people in the US are cat owners ?

In other words, a system that improves the mobility of cats both at home and in offices. The design of the feline, the interior designer Jillian Northrup in partnership with her husband, the architect Jeffrey McGrew, designed a transport tube.

This tool is fixed to the walls and extends throughout the room or work area. The tubing also has small openings, which allow pause in the cat’s play. The Cat Transit System is currently installed in the Mad Scientist Home Workshop, in San Francisco, California, USA. But, the creative pair has the possibility to develop some variation of the system for those who are interested. What would not be bad at collaborative and pet friendly offices, which allow the company of felines in the workplace.


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